• We will always be there
    We will always be there Disasters, mishaps and other emergencies can threaten any office. MedConnectUSA has implemented disaster recovery solutions, we’ll always be available when our clients need us.
  • Who is answering your calls?
    Who is answering your calls? Our operations are based in the United States and all our calls remain inside the country. We never send callers to India and other countries.
  • Dependable Services
    Dependable Services Our experienced and trained operators know exactly how to respond to medically-related calls. That means urgent calls from your patients are handled promptly and efficiently.
  • Tired of getting let down by an unreliable answering service?
    Tired of getting let down by an unreliable answering service? In your time of need, we wont let you down. Professional, polite, trained operators will be there when you need them 24/7/365.


MedConnectUSA is a premier countrywide medical answering and Telephone answering service provider for doctor, physician and health agencies offering answering service.

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b2ap3 thumbnail MP9004236431Trying to get your business through the holiday season without breaking the bank or coming across as Ebenezer Scrooge? It is possible – with a few tips and tricks to keep you out of the holiday red. 

  • Hosting an at-office party?
    • • Call the caterer.
      At or after work catered meals cost less than restaurant or banquet events, ranging in cost based on food selection. There are many enjoyable options that aren’t the most expensive – cold cuts, salads, specialty pizzas, or hors d’oeuvres.
    • • Try your luck with a potluck.
      Limited on funds? Potlucks offer a fun alternative. Provide decorations, music, utensils, drinks and dessert, and let employees bring in a favorite dish to share.
    • • Pick a theme.
      We’re not talking medieval, simply food themes: A dessert party with cakes, pastries, and cookies. A tea party with various teas, coffee, and finger pastries. Or an ice cream social with several varieties and toppings.
  • Prefer festivities off-site?
    • &bull' Make it personal.
      At-home gatherings offer a personal touch and allow employees to bring spouses and family. Focus on quality food and drinks, and consider sending employees home with a holiday gift bag.
    • • Rely on restaurants.
      Restaurant lunches cost less than dinners. Many even offer price-based party menus. Avoiding wine and beer will also help you save considerably.
    • • Rein-in banquet hall prices.
      If you still prefer banquets, save by holding events on a weekday, off-season, or with a cash bar. For additional savings skip dinner for an hors d’oeuvres buffet.
    • • Opt for out-of-the-ordinary.
      Charter a bus and munch snacks and drinks while taking in holiday light displays – or offer other unique experiences.

Looking for more tips on better managing your practice without coming down with a case of the bah-humbugs? Count onMedConnectUSA.

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b2ap3 thumbnail MP9004318131As the year comes to a close, it's become a tradition with many medical practices and other companies to hold a Christmas party. The celebration is a nice way to share the spirit of the season and show appreciation for your staff and their hard work.

Some businesses have chosen to forgo these annual parties due to reduced budgets. If you decide to host an event for your practice, some careful planning is in order. The days of freewheeling, anything-goes parties are long gone in favor of more appropriate celebrations.

While the goal is to allow your employees to have fun socializing, it's still a business function. Follow these guidelines to make sure the party is an enjoyable experience for all. 

• You can refer to it as a "Christmas" party, but otherwise be sensitive to the cultures of all your employees. Don't include any activities that may make attendees feel left out or uncomfortable. The party should be an observation of all holidays celebrated this time of year.

• Include spouses in the event. This demonstrates that even though it's a work-related function, you want to recognize their life outside the office. If possible, consider including children as well and provide fun activities for them.

• Avoid discussions of any work-related topics. The ambiance will be more relaxed, and as a practical consideration you avoid the possibility of comments made "out of school" that could come back to cause problems.

However you choose to celebrate the holidays, our friendly, professionally-trained staff will provide quality service to your callers without missing a beat. All of our operators are HIPAA-compliant to ensure complete security of all communications. 

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b2ap3_thumbnail_MP9004447891.jpgHas the onset of the Affordable Care Act caused you to revisit your policy on accepting Medicaid patients? Newly-eligible individuals and families now have the security of medical coverage, but the increase in patient volume has ramifications for a practice's manpower and finances.

If you are trying to decide whether or not you should stop accepting Medicaid patients, there are some practical and ethical considerations that ought to guide your answer. Carefully evaluate these ideas before arriving at your final answer.

  • • What issues do Medicaid patients pose? Lower reimbursement rates are a given, but don't limit your examination to the financial aspect.

  • • Is there enough demand for services to fill your schedule? If so, you will also need a marketing plan to attract that business. Keep in mind that it costs more to acquire a new patient than it does to retain a current one.

  • • Are you comfortable with the concept of denying service to patients based solely on financial means? If you feel a responsibility to the greater good, you may find it difficult to turn away any individual in need.

  • • Would you consider accepting Medicaid patients up to a capped limit? This is a workable compromise, but it requires a great deal of administrative work. Check with your state and your Medicaid HMOs about their regulations.

  • • Can you delegate Medicaid patients to new or junior physicians in your office? This is another compromise that has its own set of ethical implications.

Balancing the needs of your patients is a major factor for every medical practice. Let us help by providing consistently excellent service to your callers. Visit our website to learn more about our professionally trained, HIPAA-compliant live operators.

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doctors"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." Benjamin Franklin's words are particularly relevant for your senior patients, who can avoid or at least minimize serious health issues with proactive wellness screenings. Getting them to follow this advice can be another story entirely.

While preventive care means better health for your patients and reduced healthcare costs, these visits also boost your bottom line as a reliable source of revenue. Not surprisingly, though, many senior patients don't stay up-to-date on their screenings.

In some cases, people are generally reluctant to visit a physician for any reason, while others are simply unaware of recommended service schedules. Here are some ways you can help them remain current on preventive screenings.

  • Preventive care is often seen as too time-consuming. Work with your patients to consolidate services into one visit whenever possible.
  • Surveys show that more than three-quarters of older patients would schedule wellness services if prompted by a message from their physician. Electronic health record systems make it easy to keep track of a patient's status in order to send reminders.
  • When contacting patients, be specific about indicating the most important service and how it should be completed. Offering a laundry list of procedures and options can be confusing, resulting in a lack of action.

Personalized attention goes a long way toward motivating your senior patients. Let our expert medical answering staff handle your call center needs, giving your office team time to focus on patient services. Visit our website to learn more about our individualized programs that fit any situation and budget.

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b2ap3_thumbnail_MP9004317021.jpgPope John Paul II got it right when he said, "The future starts today, not tomorrow." To maintain quality care and ensure the continued success of your private practice, you must continually seek new ways of interacting with your patients and providing the medical services they need. Patients are not likely to study new technology, but they will migrate to physicians who are using it to enhance the service they provide.

According to technology research and advisory company Software Advice, technology will bring the most significant changes to the following areas of primary care in the coming years:

Wearable technology

It will help patients monitor their health and provide doctors with real-time information about the individual's diet and habits. Doctors will be able to easily evaluate data for patients and groups.

Waiting rooms  

Data from wearable technology and pre-visit forms will provide doctors with more information than they get today and reduce the wait time of office visits considerably.

Virtual office visits

Many doctors are already connecting with their patients via video calls and patient portals. Up to 35 percent of visits will take place virtually in the next ten years.

Patient involvement in their healthcare

These innovations create a partnership between doctors and patients. By having more access to their personal health records, patients take more responsibility for managing their health and following their doctor's instructions.

Much of the services provided by healthcare workers will never be replaced by technology. At MedConnectUSA, we use the latest technology for secure messaging and provide live answering services to your callers. Contact us for more information on how we can enhance your patient's healthcare experience.

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    MedConnectUSA has been honored with the exclusive ATSI 2013 Award of Excellence for the eighth consecutive year.This award is presented annually by the Association of TeleServices International (ATSI), the industry’s trade association for providers of telecommunications and call center...

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    October 28, 2012

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    In August 2011 many residents and businesses on the east coast including Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, New York,  New Jersey, and many other areas were notified to prepare for the worst and hope for the best as Hurricane Irene slammed into the area.  Because hundreds of MedConenctUSA...

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  • Assisting Blizzard Victims

    In February 2010 30” of snow hits the east coast and shuts down many offices.   According to the newspapers it is the worst storm since 1922 and before that 1772!   Many areas of the East Coast that were hit by this blizzard were left without power and phone...

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    Wild fires in San Diego County California in 2003 and again in 2007 displaced people and shut down medical services for thousands.   Because of MedConnectUSA’s disaster plan and redundant systems none of our clients were affected by the wild fires and we were able to continue to provide...

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  • Keeping Flood Victims in Operation

    In May 2010 there was a devastating flood that killed 21 people in Nashville Tennessee, Mississippi, and Kentucky.  There were many medical offices that were affected and forced to shut down due to the flooding for more than 2 months. 

    To help our clients who were affected by the...

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  • Client Testimonial-Crisis Line

    MedConnectUSA has provided answering services to our office for more than 10 years.   Our center runs a crisis line for mentally ill patients who have nowhere else to turn.   Before MedConnectUSA we changed answering services every 6-8 months because no other answering service understood the...

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  • Client Testimonial-OB/GYN

    Our practice is part of a 12 office system catering to OB/GYN patients.  We made the choice to move our answering service needs to MedConnectUSA because of their professionalism, track record of reliability, and knowledge of HIPAA guidelines.    Whenever there...

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    I manage a surgery practice with 4 surgeon’s which is very challenging at times.   By using MedConnectUSA  as our answering service much of the day to day pressure of handling our after-hours calls has been taken off of me to allow me to handle other pressing...

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  • Client Testimonial-Internal Medicine

    We are extremely satisfied with the services provided by MedConnectUSA to both our office and patients.  Prior to using MedConnectUSA, we relied solely on an automated phone attendant to handle our messaging and paging.  Though this system was generally reliable,...

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    Outstanding Service Earns National Award

    MedConnectUSA has been honored with the exclusive 2010 Award of Excellence for the fifth consecutive year. The award is presented annually by the Association of TeleServices International (ATSI), the industry's trade association for providers of...

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  • Client Testimonial-Pediatric

    We are a large pediatric practice with several physicians that has utilized MedConnectUSA’s services for more than 7 years.  During this time, we have had no complaints from our patients regarding the answering service and in fact many patients tell us how happy they are when they need to...

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