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    We will always be there Disasters, mishaps and other emergencies can threaten any office. MedConnectUSA has implemented disaster recovery solutions, we’ll always be available when our clients need us.
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    Who is answering your calls? Our operations are based in the United States and all our calls remain inside the country. We never send callers to India and other countries.
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    Tired of getting let down by an unreliable answering service? In your time of need, we wont let you down. Professional, polite, trained operators will be there when you need them 24/7/365.
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    Dependable Services Our experienced and trained operators know exactly how to respond to medically-related calls. That means urgent calls from your patients are handled promptly and efficiently.


MedConnectUSA is a premier countrywide medical answering and Telephone answering service provider for doctor, physician and health agencies offering answering service.

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MP9004009411When beginning their medical career, physicians traditionally take the Hippocratic oath. In doing so, they swear to practice honestly and for the good of their patients to the best of of their ability and judgment. In the real world of medicine, is there sometimes a disconnect between general practitioners and their patients?

While healthcare is the "product" provided by physicians, their practice is run for profit. As such, it's run much like any other company, with schedules, budgets and projections. Fairly or not, despite the fact that general practitioners charge for their services, people often feel that healthcare providers exist almost as a charity rather than a business.

This scenario is currently playing out over in England, where sweeping changes in their publicly funded National Health Service are allowing general practitioners to accept a greater number of private patients. People seeking treatment are starting to run up against rigid appointment rules and seemingly random days of office closures.

Can the need to turn a profit co-exist with providing optimum patient care? The most successful businesses are the ones that offer solutions for their customers' needs. A general practitioner's business is no different. Treating patients with respect and empathy is the one of the best ways to develop a loyal clientele.

Your patients will appreciate having their calls answered by a friendly live voice rather than a cold pre-recorded one. Our MedConnectUSA operators are HIPAA-compliant and receive ongoing training to stay current with all regulations. Call 888.216.8482 to learn more about how we can create a program to meet your particular needs.

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MP9004486321Healthcare providers and consumer groups alike will have their eyes on California this fall. A voter initiative to raise limits on medical malpractice awards and require drug testing for physicians recently qualified to be included on the November ballot. Attorneys and insurance companies are gearing up for a renewal of their long-standing battle.

The state's 1975 Medical Injury Compensation Reform Act currently caps specific malpractice damages at $250,000. The current measure would raise the cap for these items, such as pain and suffering, to roughly $1.1 million to account for inflation. It would also establish an index tied to future inflation rates.

Supporters say that raising the cap will make it more financially feasible for lawyers to take on malpractice suits. On the other side, insurers and medical providers say the measure will create a domino effect with more malpractice claims resulting in higher healthcare costs and facility closures in already underserved communities. 

The measure's other initiative calls for hospitals to conduct random drug and alcohol tests on physicians. Such testing would be mandatory in cases of preventable medical error. In 2000, a report by the California Medical Board estimated that 18 percent of the state's physicians have had a substance abuse problem at one time or another. Opponents claim this issue was added only as a way to get the malpractice limit change approved.

The welfare of healthcare consumers has long been a major concern of watchdog groups. Live operator service from MedConnectUSA can help ensure that your customers are getting the quality care they expect and deserve. Our tiered plans let you use and pay for only the services you need.

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j0401052When it comes to healthcare, men have traditionally had to be dragged kicking and screaming for any type of treatment, no matter how minor. Some clinics and centers on the East Coast are trying to reverse that tendency by offering services directed primarily at male healthcare needs.

The past trend of female-centric healthcare stemmed in part from an effort to compensate for women being overlooked by a predominantly male medical establishment. Now the pendulum is starting to swing in the other direction as providers realize there's a huge market being underserved.

One such clinic that's opened recently is NYU Langone Medical Center in New York City. Its Madison Avenue address lends it the cachet of the generally masculine domains of business and finance. The interior design incorporates men's club elements like limestone surfaces and a chocolate and oxblood color palette.

Services range from medical care like heart-monitoring to more cosmetic applications such as hair removal. Sexual dysfunction is an important part of treatment, since it's often an indicator of other physical issues like diabetes.

Some authorities fear that gender-specific care could result in overtesting and overtreatment, pointing to low-testosterone therapy as a prime example. There's concern that it's being used with men who have no underlying condition as a way of supposedly fighting the aging process. However, the NYU Langone clinic, along with others, has stated that this therapy is used only when indicated.

One concern shared by men and women equally is the desire for attentive and helpful customer service. Our trained and professional operators at MedConnectUSA can give your patients the care they deserve. Visit our website for more information.

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b2ap3_thumbnail_j0442252.jpgUnlike many other products and services in the market, healthcare is something that everyone needs. However, that doesn't mean that as a provider you can sit back and let patients come to you. Increased competition and greater patient expectations have raised the bar for the optimum customer experience.

Today's successful healthcare organization must provide an exceptional level of ongoing service from the moment of first contact. Seamless, effective communication is the key. Use these tips to keep your patients' loyalty with care that goes above and beyond the norm.

  • Simplify the process of gaining access to care. Your communication system should make it easy for a caller to determine, for example, whether their situation is urgent or it can wait until the next day.
  • Eliminate the gaps in transmission of information. Sometimes too many parties are involved in an issue such as processing test results, and patient notification ends up falling through the cracks. A dedicated communication system reduces the possibility by minimizing the number of people handling the information. 
  • Ease the transition to other caregivers. Patient care today is often coordinated between different providers. Effecting smooth communication among all parties gives patients a greater comfort level. 
  • Be proactive. You may already have a procedure in place for administrative details such as appointment reminders. Go the extra mile by notifying patients about educational materials, community services and other useful information.

Building an effective communication center doesn't have to be complex and time-consuming. Let MedConnectUSA provide you with a staff of friendly, trained live operators who can handle your calls promptly and efficiently. Visit our website to learn more about our services.

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MP9004026781The FBI is warning healthcare providers to increase their protection against cyber attack. The FBI says patient medical records and health insurance data are more valuable to identity thieves but less securely protected than customer information stored by other institutions, according to Reuters.

“The healthcare industry is not as resilient to cyber intrusions compared to the financial and retail sectors,” according to an FBI notice sent to healthcare providers; “therefore the possibility of increased cyber intrusions is likely.”

HIPAA Regulations Amplify Cyber Risk

For healthcare providers, the risk of a patient data breach is compounded by two things:

  1. HIPAA regulations requiring healthcare providers to protect patient personal information.
  2. The use of business associates and other third party contractors that provide vital services to the healthcare industry.

Further complicating the issue is HIPAA’s requirement that doctors, dentists, medical clinics and other healthcare providers not only protect patient information stored or transmitted via computerized or online records; but that they also protect patient data shared via smartphones and text messaging. HIPAA penalties for failing to protect patient data can be expensive and apply equally to healthcare providers and their business associates.

According to the FBI, criminal demand for patients’ personal medical information is greater than it is for retail or financial data because the information can be used in a greater number of ways. In addition to identify theft, criminals use medical records for financial fraud and to impersonate patients for the purpose of obtaining prescription drugs.

Choosing business associates such as medical call answering services that already have robust HIPAA compliance protocols in place is a smart way to reduce your risk of cyber attack.

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    MedConnectUSA has been honored with the exclusive ATSI 2013 Award of Excellence for the eighth consecutive year.This award is presented annually by the Association of TeleServices International (ATSI), the industry’s trade association for providers of telecommunications and call center...

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  • Assisting Hurricane Sandy "frankenstorm" Victims

    October 28, 2012

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    MedConnectUSA has been honored with the exclusive ATSI 2012 Award of Excellence for the seventh consecutive year.This award is presented annually by the Association of TeleServices International (ATSI), the industry’s trade association for providers of telecommunications and call center...

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    In August 2011 many residents and businesses on the east coast including Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, New York,  New Jersey, and many other areas were notified to prepare for the worst and hope for the best as Hurricane Irene slammed into the area.  Because hundreds of MedConenctUSA...

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  • Assisting Blizzard Victims

    In February 2010 30” of snow hits the east coast and shuts down many offices.   According to the newspapers it is the worst storm since 1922 and before that 1772!   Many areas of the East Coast that were hit by this blizzard were left without power and phone...

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  • Assisting Fire Victims

    Wild fires in San Diego County California in 2003 and again in 2007 displaced people and shut down medical services for thousands.   Because of MedConnectUSA’s disaster plan and redundant systems none of our clients were affected by the wild fires and we were able to continue to provide...

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  • Keeping Flood Victims in Operation

    In May 2010 there was a devastating flood that killed 21 people in Nashville Tennessee, Mississippi, and Kentucky.  There were many medical offices that were affected and forced to shut down due to the flooding for more than 2 months. 

    To help our clients who were affected by the...

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  • Client Testimonial-Crisis Line

    MedConnectUSA has provided answering services to our office for more than 10 years.   Our center runs a crisis line for mentally ill patients who have nowhere else to turn.   Before MedConnectUSA we changed answering services every 6-8 months because no other answering service understood the...

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  • Client Testimonial-OB/GYN

    Our practice is part of a 12 office system catering to OB/GYN patients.  We made the choice to move our answering service needs to MedConnectUSA because of their professionalism, track record of reliability, and knowledge of HIPAA guidelines.    Whenever there...

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  • Client Testimonial-Surgery

    I manage a surgery practice with 4 surgeon’s which is very challenging at times.   By using MedConnectUSA  as our answering service much of the day to day pressure of handling our after-hours calls has been taken off of me to allow me to handle other pressing...

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  • Client Testimonial-Internal Medicine

    We are extremely satisfied with the services provided by MedConnectUSA to both our office and patients.  Prior to using MedConnectUSA, we relied solely on an automated phone attendant to handle our messaging and paging.  Though this system was generally reliable,...

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    Outstanding Service Earns National Award

    MedConnectUSA has been honored with the exclusive 2010 Award of Excellence for the fifth consecutive year. The award is presented annually by the Association of TeleServices International (ATSI), the industry's trade association for providers of...

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  • Client Testimonial-Pediatric

    We are a large pediatric practice with several physicians that has utilized MedConnectUSA’s services for more than 7 years.  During this time, we have had no complaints from our patients regarding the answering service and in fact many patients tell us how happy they are when they need to...

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