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    Tired of getting let down by an unreliable answering service? In your time of need, we wont let you down. Professional, polite, trained operators will be there when you need them 24/7/365.
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    Who is answering your calls? Our operations are based in the United States and all our calls remain inside the country. We never send callers to India and other countries.
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    Dependable Services Our experienced and trained operators know exactly how to respond to medically-related calls. That means urgent calls from your patients are handled promptly and efficiently.
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    We will always be there Disasters, mishaps and other emergencies can threaten any office. MedConnectUSA has implemented disaster recovery solutions, we’ll always be available when our clients need us.


MedConnectUSA is a premier countrywide medical answering and Telephone answering service provider for doctor, physician and health agencies offering answering service.

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MP9004036811A year after implementation of the HIPAA Omnibus rule, many healthcare providers and their business associates are still struggling to comply with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) required patient privacy regulations.

“We are still seeing organizations that are not fully embracing or acknowledging that they are [liable for] HIPAA compliance,” Andrew Hicks of risk management consultancy Coalfire recently told Business partners are among the worst offenders. “They’ve been pulled into this reluctantly,” Hicks said, “and they don’t understand what they’re on the hook for.”

Stay Current

Where the feds are concerned, ignorance is far from bliss. Charged with enforcing HIPAA privacy rules, the HHS Office for Civil Rights (OCR) has been busy this year assessing hefty fines for non-compliance. Use the following news roundup to stay abreast of and in compliance with privacy law updates.

News Roundup

  • Dumped medical records cost Parkview Health System, Inc. $800,000. OCR charged the non-profit community health care system in Indiana and Ohio with leaving dozens of boxes containing thousands of patient records in the driveway of a retired physician despite being informed that he would not be home.

“All too often we receive complaints of records being discarded or transferred in a manner that puts patient information at risk,” explained OCR’s Christina Heide. “It is imperative that HIPAA covered entities and their business associates protect patient information during its transfer and disposal.”

  • In light of the Supreme Court ruling on the Defense of Marriage Act, OCR has redefined its definition of spouse to include same-sex partners in legally valid marriages.

Visit our website to find out about MedConnectUSA’s award-winning, HIPAA-compliant answering and telemessaging services.

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b2ap3_thumbnail_MP9004230461.jpgAccording to a recent survey by Software Advice, 97 percent of the respondents expressed dissatisfaction with medical office wait times. Actually, you probably didn't need a survey to alert you to that fact. However have you done anything to address the issue of wait times in your office?

With a little planning, you can reduce wait times for your patients or at least make the experience less frustrating. Here are some effective ideas that are easy to implement.

  • Rotating patients into different locations makes the time pass more quickly. Have one of your staff bring them into an exam room as close to the scheduled appointment time as possible. This also reduces a logjam in the waiting room, creating the perception that everything is moving on a timely basis.
  • Uncertainty is a major cause of stress, especially for patients who are already preoccupied with thoughts about their health. Inform them about the estimated wait time at check-in and give them updates if there are delays. If possible, offer the option of seeing another physician in your office.
  • Magazines and televisions in the waiting room are traditional ways of keeping patients occupied. You can update this approach by offering complimentary Wi-Fi so people can stay connected via laptops, tablets or smartphones.

Your patients don't appreciate waiting on the phone any more than they do in person. Our live answering services ensure that your callers receive prompt and professional attention using any protocols you specify. All of our operators are HIPAA-trained for full compliance. Visit our website for more information about our tiered programs. 

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b2ap3_thumbnail_MP9004486921_20141014-030814_1.jpgNews stories about financial data like credit card numbers being compromised by electronic security breaches have become increasingly regular. An even greater risk is posed by the theft of personal information from healthcare providers.

Publicly traded hospital operator Community Health Systems recently experienced this nightmare first-hand. According to a Securities and Exchange Commission filing, a cyberattack lasting from April to June of this year compromised the names, addresses and Social Security numbers of 4.5 million patients. U.S. Office of Civil Rights statistics put this as the all-time second largest theft of patient data.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or HIPAA, was instituted to ensure the highest standards of security for electronic data transmission in the healthcare industry. While fines for individual violations are capped at $1.5 million, there is theoretically no overall limit for penalties. In 2010 Cignet Health in Maryland was charged with a $4.3 million fine for breaching HIPAA as well as ignoring federal inquiries.

These incidents and others underscore the serious nature of data security in the healthcare industry. In order to maximize protection, HIPAA regulations were broadened to extend to so-called "business associates". These third-party companies can also be held financially liable for any violations.

At MedConnectUSA we fully appreciate the importance of protecting the privacy of your patients. Our telephone operators and management receive ongoing training in HIPAA compliance along with random testing to assure consistency. All interactions with your patients are redundantly backed up to guarantee access even in the case of a disaster. Visit our website to learn more about our flexible service plans.

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b2ap3_thumbnail_MP9004486921.jpgWith increased competition and constantly changing regulations in the healthcare industry, you need a medical answering and telemessaging services company that understands the importance of keeping all of your patient communication secure and confidential.


MedConnectUSA uses the miSecureMessages application and highly trained operators to provide timely and reliable transmission of information. It is HIPPA and HITECH compliant, as is required by law.

Unified messaging

miSecureMessages is cloud-based and capable of sending encrypted messages to BlackBerry, iPad, iPhone, and Android devices. It eliminates the need for pagers or having to purchase additional devices.


You can choose how you want to be notified when you have a new message. With the Persistent Alert option, you decide how often to be be notified of a new message. Priority Alerts allow you to choose from different audio and visual alert methods. The audio and visual settings are adjustable for each recipient.

The MedConnectUSA difference

All of our operators are located in the United States. None of your calls are every routed to another country. When your patients call, they are greeted with professional, courteous personnel who have completed extensive Health Insurance Probability and Accounting Act training. Our professional operators value your patient's concerns and your dedication to high standards in all aspect of your practice.

We offer a variety of phone answering option tailored to your individual practice and when you need us to answer calls. You can feel confident that we are using the latest technology  to help your practice operate efficiently. Contact MedConnectUSA today for more information.

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j0409708People are always looking for ways to put more hours in the day. When you're operating a medical practice, where your patients' well-being is dependent on prompt attention, time becomes even more essential. Streamlining the operations of your office keeps you from getting bogged down in time-wasting roadblocks.

Improved efficiency goes hand-in-hand with greater patient satisfaction. When your practice is running smoothly, patients receive better service on a more timely basis. Here are three strategies you can use to run your office more efficiently.

  • Appointment scheduling should revolve around the convenience of your patients, not your staff. If your system is too rigid, you can end up with delays that aggravate patients and make your day long anyway. Incorporate a system that is flexible and provides options for both you and your patients.
  • Cross-train your nurses so they can work with any doctor in any office. This way there won't be any interruption during vacations, sick time or other absences. It's a good idea to cross-train your administrative staff as well so they can fill in for each other.
  • Don't underestimate the importance of your phone system. Patients become frustrated if their calls aren't returned or they have to wait too long for someone to answer. Make sure you have an effective protocol in place.

Let MedConnectUSA's friendly, professional operators handle all your answering and messaging needs. You'll enjoy peace of mind knowing that your callers are receiving excellent service, which frees you up to spend time addressing other areas of your practice. Contact us for more information about our tiered service programs.

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    Outstanding Service Earns National Award

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    MedConnectUSA has been honored with the exclusive ATSI 2013 Award of Excellence for the eighth consecutive year.This award is presented annually by the Association of TeleServices International (ATSI), the industry’s trade association for providers of telecommunications and call center...

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  • Assisting Hurricane Sandy "frankenstorm" Victims

    October 28, 2012

    Hurricane Sandy has been called “superstorm” and “frankenstorm” as most of the Eastern United States get hit this week.  Many have said this is the largest storm to hit the United States since weather has...

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    MedConnectUSA has been honored with the exclusive ATSI 2012 Award of Excellence for the seventh consecutive year.This award is presented annually by the Association of TeleServices International (ATSI), the industry’s trade association for providers of telecommunications and call center...

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  • HIPAA Secure Message App

    MedConnectUSA is proud to announce that our Secure Messaging App for Iphone, Ipad, Blackberry, and Android smart phones has been released for use to all of our clients.

    With our secure messaging app providers can be confident that...

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    MedConnectUSA has been honored with the exclusive ATSI 2011 Award of Excellence for the sixth consecutive year.Thisaward is presented annually by the Association of TeleServices International (ATSI), the industry’s trade association for providers of telecommunications and call center services...

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    We at MedConnectUSA continue to adapt and overcome obstacles in order to serve our clients and their patients better.   This has been a very tough year for many of us and the medical answering service business has been hit hard as well.   All of...

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  • Bracing for Hurricane Irene

    In August 2011 many residents and businesses on the east coast including Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, New York,  New Jersey, and many other areas were notified to prepare for the worst and hope for the best as Hurricane Irene slammed into the area.  Because hundreds of MedConenctUSA...

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  • Assisting Blizzard Victims

    In February 2010 30” of snow hits the east coast and shuts down many offices.   According to the newspapers it is the worst storm since 1922 and before that 1772!   Many areas of the East Coast that were hit by this blizzard were left without power and phone...

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  • Assisting Fire Victims

    Wild fires in San Diego County California in 2003 and again in 2007 displaced people and shut down medical services for thousands.   Because of MedConnectUSA’s disaster plan and redundant systems none of our clients were affected by the wild fires and we were able to continue to provide...

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  • Keeping Flood Victims in Operation

    In May 2010 there was a devastating flood that killed 21 people in Nashville Tennessee, Mississippi, and Kentucky.  There were many medical offices that were affected and forced to shut down due to the flooding for more than 2 months. 

    To help our clients who were affected by the...

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  • Client Testimonial-Crisis Line

    MedConnectUSA has provided answering services to our office for more than 10 years.   Our center runs a crisis line for mentally ill patients who have nowhere else to turn.   Before MedConnectUSA we changed answering services every 6-8 months because no other answering service understood the...

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  • Client Testimonial-OB/GYN

    Our practice is part of a 12 office system catering to OB/GYN patients.  We made the choice to move our answering service needs to MedConnectUSA because of their professionalism, track record of reliability, and knowledge of HIPAA guidelines.    Whenever there...

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  • Client Testimonial-Surgery

    I manage a surgery practice with 4 surgeon’s which is very challenging at times.   By using MedConnectUSA  as our answering service much of the day to day pressure of handling our after-hours calls has been taken off of me to allow me to handle other pressing...

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  • Client Testimonial-Internal Medicine

    We are extremely satisfied with the services provided by MedConnectUSA to both our office and patients.  Prior to using MedConnectUSA, we relied solely on an automated phone attendant to handle our messaging and paging.  Though this system was generally reliable,...

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    Outstanding Service Earns National Award

    MedConnectUSA has been honored with the exclusive 2010 Award of Excellence for the fifth consecutive year. The award is presented annually by the Association of TeleServices International (ATSI), the industry's trade association for providers of...

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  • Client Testimonial-Pediatric

    We are a large pediatric practice with several physicians that has utilized MedConnectUSA’s services for more than 7 years.  During this time, we have had no complaints from our patients regarding the answering service and in fact many patients tell us how happy they are when they need to...

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